Deadline: 14.02.2018
20 Artists (all disciplines, career stages, tribal ideologies), with interest in humor aesthetics, intercultural dialogue, participatory art practices and art-based societal development; 19 out of 20 applicants are locally based in Sweden, Serbia, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Syria (any national origin); 1 out of 20 applicants may represent any country, nationality and legal status (as relevant to project’s topics, preferably MENA)

The transnational project Borderline Offensive is a platform for artistic research and art-based societal development, connected to issues made urgent by the crises of xenophobia, populism and global refugee mobility.
Artists from 12 European and Middle Eastern countries (SE, SR, NL, BG, SK, HR, GR, LB, TR, PS, SY, DE) explore issues of xenophobia, intercultural conflict and dialogue, sociological contact zones, violence-promoting radicalization, migration and integration, collective identity-building, and community cohesion in contemporary Europe.
Humor (aesthetic approach) and participatory arts (method) are employed to guide interaction, dialogue, and cooperation between the migrant and host communities in 7 European countries. Participating audiences are invited to share knowledge, respect and laugh together, at the same things and at themselves.
The aim is to use art as a resource to develop critical thinking, social wellbeing and peaceful inter-community relations, within and beyond Europe.

The context of the residency is anchored to a participatory process in which artists together with audience members (migrant/refugee and host communities) research the possible artistic format and contents allowing alternative voices and interpretations to be expressed. This participatory way of working aims to make mechanisms of power and exclusion transparent, and to make individuals (migrant/refugee and host communities) aware of the real causes of contrived tension within the contact zone of their daily interaction. From the starting point of their knowledge and practice, the artists create a space in which roles and insights can be played with. As such, participants are offered the trusted space to explore assumptions and give shape to new perspectives or identities.

Applying artists are invited to join Borderline Offensive in a 3-year artistic research & societal development process:
April-August 2018
• Be part of an artistic residency for 10 working days, with 3 other artists;
• In Sweden, Serbia, Netherlands, Bulgaria or Slovakia (as host or guest);
• Free time for research, creation and inspiration;
As part of residency programme:
• Design artistic workshops instigating dialogue between migrant/refugee and host communities (2 days)
• Peer-learning with local artistic community/public (1 day);
• Conceive an artwork in preferred discipline/genre, imbued with humor aesthetics’ elements (gallow’s humor, parody, satire, sarcasm, irony, slapstick, etc.);
September 2018
• Deliver an artwork proposal for potential production and international touring.
During 2019
• International touring of the produced artworks, a minimum of 3 occasions in 3 different European countries;
During 2020
• Presentation of artwork + process in international conference in Sweden;

As an artist, you may prefer to travel abroad, or to host artists travelling to your country of residence. You should indicate your preference when applying. Artists working as Host (1 in each of the 5 countries hosting a residence) as well as artists from the Middle East will have a more complex and comprehensive role (preparing the intercultural dialogue between target groups), and as such will have a higher stipend. Guest artists enjoy more time to develop their own artistic practice. In any case, you will work with 2 artists from one of the 5 countries other than your own and 1 artist from the Middle East.

The residency is planned for 10 working days; of which a minimum of 2 days is dedicated to facilitating a dialogue between an audience of max. 20 people, representing the target group of migrants/refugees and the target group of host communities. Furthermore, a minimum of 1 day is dedicated to peer-learning activities between participating artists and the local artistic community. You as an artist will decide how to use the rest of the time, including artistic research and creation, individually or collectively.

Participant artists have access to: office space and technical facilities for desk work; rehearsal/performance space to explore and practice ideas; interaction, research, inquiry, and crowd sourcing of the cultural interaction between migrant and host communities. The residency and adjacent process is organized and designed by a project partner (see #2.3), in cooperation with a local cultural partner (for access to rehearsal/performance space) and a societal partner (for access to target groups), which engage the target audiences and create the context of the residency, including support to you as an artist.

At the end of the residency, artists are required to deliver an artwork proposal, including an artwork description/excerpt, an artist statement, and a production budget proposal. Artists participating in the same residency may submit proposals individually or collectively.
Artwork proposals will be evaluated by a special committee of artists, cultural managers and experts from the 12 partner countries, which will then vote on the approval of the proposals for further production.
Artworks selected for production will become part of the transnational tour, again curated by the committee of experts, with a minimum of 3 performances (15 working days) guaranteed for each artist within Sweden, Serbia, Netherlands, Bulgaria and Slovakia. As part of the transnational tour programme, each artist will give a public presentation and an interactive workshop connected to the artwork, with audience participation.
Artworks will also be included in a Borderline Offensive portfolio shared and promoted by the 12 project partners at regional, national and transnational level to promote the artwork’s created + their creators.

Travel and accommodation expenses fully covered, up to a maximum standard defined by the framework of European development programmes;
Per diem + Stipend (both adapted to living costs of the country where you take part in the residency, and the country where you reside). You can calculate the amounts you might receive on the Money Table:
Travel, accommodation, subsistence and stipend covered for presentation/performance of artworks in 3 other European countries in 2019;
Travel, accommodation, and subsistence covered for public presentation of artwork in international conference in Sweden, 2020.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria:
Artist (emerging or established, all ages and career stages are welcome);
Based in or resident in one of the following countries: Sweden, Serbia, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Syria (all nationalities and legal statuses are eligible);
1 exceptional spot is open to artists from all countries, selected and managed by Tandem Cultural Exchange programme, run by MitOst;
Able to communicate fluently in English (no academic certificate needed);
The 20 highest classified applications by a group of 12 experts from the partnership countries, according to the following criteria:
A) Overall aesthetic and critical quality of artistic work: 20%
B) Prevalence of humoristic motives in artistic work: 15%
C) Critical analysis of intercultural conflict/dialogue issues in artistic work: 15%
D) Competence and willingness to work with co-creation and participatory processes: 20%
E) Interest in developing societal impact via artistic practices: 15%
F) Affiliation with Borderline Offensive’s imaginary and manifesto: 15%

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